Professional Range Cooker Cleaning Services

Oven Lovings Range Cooker cleaning services are unique and intensive.

It is a big investment to buy a range cooker for your kitchen but proper maintenance is what will determine the durability of your range cooker. It is wise to invest in this appliance, and it is equally economical to maintain it so that it lasts longer but as long as it’s looked after properly, the rewards can quickly outweigh the costs. Cleaning range cook involves a lot of hard work. But you don’t have to subject yourself to the stress. If you use a range cooker continuously, you will need to clean it regularly. If you attempt to do the cleaning yourself, you will discover how laborious the exercise can be. You also need to have a working knowledge of all the parts of a range cooker.

With Oven Loving, you cannot go wrong. There is no iota of doubt that you would be belated with outstanding cleaning services. We are confident you would be more than satisfied with our economic and affordable cleaning products. We’re also trusted by thousands of people across the UK to deliver amazingly clean results.

Take a look at many glowing reviews each of our technicians receive from time to time. We are well aware of the value you have invested in buying a Range cooker. Oven Loving friendly cleaning technicians are specialists and perfectionists. They will ensure your Range cooker is cleaned with the utmost care and attention to detail. Oven Loving will ensure that your appliances are safe and ready for use as soon as the cleaning operation is over.

Range sizes vary a great deal depending on their make and model, and because of this so will the time is taken to complete our extensive cleaning process.

The Oven Cleaning Services process we use is above and beyond a standard spray and wipe down with our fully trained technicians utilising a vast assortment of professional cleaning tools making quick work of any burnt on grease and food deposits.

Chesham Oven Cleaner

After our pre-checks have been completed, our oven cleaning technician wastes no time by stripping your oven of any removable parts such as doors, glass panels, interior fans, trays, grills and bulb cases ready to be cleaned. Once all items have been removed, they are brought to the van and placed into the dip tank to begin work on stripping away all of the built up carbon deposits that reside on the various parts. This process usually takes  30 minutes so during this time our technicians get to work on the interior portions of your oven, removing any rubber seals and side panels that allow access to the deepest recesses of your oven allowing for a level of deep oven cleaning that many non-professional cleaners miss.

We have a large variety of non-toxic, eco-friendly products at hand to tackle all aspects of oven cleaning.

With care, consideration and a bit of elbow grease, the internal components of your oven will be left in a like new condition in no time at all.

All parts cleaned in our specialist dip tank to be re-installed and in full working order ready for a final wipe down and inspection. At this stage our oven cleaning technicians will invite you into the kitchen to inspect their handy work and we are sure that you will be more than impressed.

We are sure that you will be more than thrilled with the results that our intensive oven cleaning process provides. We more than welcome you to leave feedback on our website and of course to recommend us to your friends and family!

All of the precautions taken to protect your flooring will be removed and packed away back into our service vans.

What else can we help you with?

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What do our clients think of our service

Had my oven cleaned on Saturday by Sam.
I had tried lots of different cleaning products to try and clean the glass and nothing worked until Ian came along and wow my oven is sparkling clean and looks amazing. Would highly recommend Ian he worked so hard from the time he got to mine until the time he left and even spent time talking to my little boy which was very sweet. Extremely pleased with my oven thank you very much, Ian.

Friendly efficient service. Fabulous result, very shiny oven with a door I can see my face in :o)

My oven looks like new! The cleaner took his time to make sure every part of my oven and hob was spotless. And he was very considerate, tidy and friendly.

We’ve had our oven cleaned by Sam this evening. He’s done a fantastic job, the oven looks new. A very professional, friendly and high quality service. We will definitely use oven loving again and highly recommend everybody else does too. Thanks Ian!

Really pleased with my oven clean. Recommended by a friend and well worth the money. So simply to book online on a date and time that suits you. Ian was on time and just quietly got on with the whole process. Other than a sparkling oven there was no sign of him having been here. Definitely use ovenloving again.

Ian did an amazing job on our oven – it genuinely looked brand new when he’d finished, and the area where he’d been working was left immaculate too. Excellent service, will definitely be using again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

I am so happy and now have a beautiful oven again. The whole process was so positive from booking, through to it being completed. It was efficient, professional, high quality and fairly priced. There is no way I could ever achieve this finish on my own. Thank you so much I will be using again and again.

Brilliant high quality service. Very professional and friendly. Many thanks Ian my oven looks like new! Highly recommended, I will use you again in the future

We’ve had our oven cleaned by Ian this evening. He’s done a fantastic job, the oven looks new. A very professional, friendly and high quality service. We will definitely use oven loving again and highly recommend everybody else does too. Thanks Ian!

Ian did an excellent job of cleaning our oven. He did such a good job that we are having to eat out or use the microwave in case the oven gets dirty. It’s going to cost me a fortune

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