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Why choose an Oven Loving Franchise?

A business with low overheads in a high growth industry and with unlimited opportunities The chance to get back to living and not just surviving

  • Profitable van-based business
  • Low-cost setup
  • Be your own boss
  • Strong branded materials
  • Continuous support
  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Management systems

Offering a practical, professional, and profitable way to succeed in the oven cleaning industry. You will be part of a growing £3billion sector within the UK. With over 26 million households in the UK alone, you only need 1% of the households within your territory to be successful. This is a phenomenal opportunity for you and your family. Oven Loving is a successful oven cleaning business that has built a strong brand in Buckinghamshire, now, we are sharing Oven Loving and are growing as a National Brand. Our vision is to create a brand that provides quality, value, and a trusted service across the UK, at the same time offering others the opportunity to take back control of their own life, create flexibility and freedom.

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What’s included in your oven cleaning franchise

A comprehensive package with everything you need to get you on the road and booking your first customers in the dairy. This is your business, with our continuous support and exceptional training to ensure you know the business of oven cleaning inside out, to make you and your business the go-to oven cleaning specialist within your area.

  • 5 days practical training, 1 day in our dedicated training facility and 4 days on the road.
  • 5 days training on how to run a successful business and getting you all set to go.
  • Exclusive territory of 55,000 owned homes, enough space to grow to at least 3 vans.
  • All the tools, equipment, and product to get you started for at least 3 months
  • Branding and advertising materials including T-shirts and van livery
  • Bespoke marketing materials for business and customers.
  • Tried and tested booking systems and procedures that produce results.

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Training and support

Training starts before you come to our dedicated training facility, with our online course and modules. Getting you ready and in the right mindset. With over 26-years teaching experience we have ensured that the support and training you receive is the best in the UK. Our priority is that you leave confident and ready with the skills and the toolkit to tackle your first jobs. The support doesn’t stop there, with access to our support groups and continued training through the Growth Programme, an online and mentoring course that enables you to grow and take your business to meet your vision.

Download your FREE franchise package

Branding and Marketing

By having your own Oven Loving business you will be sharing the eye-catching, retro brand that represents a service from a bygone era. This branding shares with your customer our core values which immediately develops trust before they have even booked in. Firstly, the van is eye-catching. you will be seen around your local communities. Backed up with a great online presence, web and social media with your own mini-website, landing pages, and access to your local communities, with lots of templates and examples to get you going. Email shots and monthly newsletters to keep in touch with your customers Easy booking and customer management systems. Marketing and advertising materials, such as leaflets, T-shirts, stationery, van livery, and much more We are helping you build a business that brings repeat customers back to you and you become the trusted go-to oven cleaner in your local area, with recommendations and referrals between your own customer base.

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Success stories

Ian launched Oven Loving Sidmouth in March 2021, he chose to be part of the Oven Loving Team as he was relocating. Not wanting to go back into the print industry, Ian chose a path in oven cleaning so he could be his own boss and take back control of his work life balance.

To say that we are so impressed with Ian is an understatement, he has worked hard and grown a great business, being in a position where we were after 3 years, this is the power of franchising. One of the great buzzes we get out of seeing Oven Loving grow, is the amazing reviews from customers on the great service and experiences they received.

It is amazing how many reviews Oven Loving Sidmouth has gained since March 21, with over 60 Google reviews and 51 Facebook reviews. Ian is regularly hitting his financial targets and his work life balance has improved no end. Oven Loving Sidmouth is a product of Ian’s hard work with support, systems, and strong branding from Oven Loving. Looking forward to what year 2 will bring.

If you choose to explore becoming part of the Oven Loving Crew, you will be learning from a team who has gained experience and success doing the job and building a successful business.

This is what Ian had to say about his time with us at the Oven Loving Training Academy.

Two weeks with Ian and Tina at the training academy has given me the enthusiasm to make this my future career. Followed up with going out on the road to experience everything involved in the methods of working on the ovens, Ian explains everything as he goes along, what to use and what not to use on different surfaces to avoid any accidental damage, little tips he has learned from his own experience, interacting with customers and basically everything involved in getting the job done. It’s amazing watching customers’ reactions. Tina has a wealth of knowledge on the start-up process with great advice and patient with all the questions I have thrown at her. Ian and Tina have given me the confidence that I could actually do this on my own after 40 years working for someone else. Also the peace of mind that they will be there for support when you’re off on your own. Ian, Oven Loving Sidmouth

I left with more confidence

Spent 3 days with Ian and Tina at their academy and on the road and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was worried about traveling over 320 miles for the course and if it would be justified but I was glad I did. I was made very welcome and they both couldn’t have been more helpful. Ian has a wealth of knowledge and shows the professional touch when dealing with all customers. I left with more confidence as a result of the course and would highly recommend it. Keith

Happy to support in any way

“I have loved training with The Oven Cleaning Training Academy, they have given me the confidence I needed to take on any job! Ian is patient and really clear when teaching you about the different ovens and how to take them apart. His knowledge and experience is clear and you know that you have the best trainer in front of you. Both Tina and Ian know so much about the business, and they are happy to support in any way, I love the fact that we are part of a group so if I have a problem I can just ask!” Tracy

I am confident and ready to get going

“WOW!! What Oven Loving and The Oven Cleaning Training Academy don’t know about the business, is not worth knowing, Ian has been able to answer any question, and I can honestly say I am confident and ready to get going. The training was professional and well planned, I have had lots of on the job experience and can’t wait to get going. I really loved everything they have given me and can’t wait to get my business on the road!. I couldn’t be happier” Dan

Can’t wait to get started now

“Ian and Tina have been excellent in their communication and sharing what they know. You can see the experience and knowledge that Ian has with the Oven Cleaning and just watching him with the customers, it’s clear to see why Oven Loving has so many 5* reviews! Ian and Tina work hard on their business and being a part of Oven Loving would be the kick start you need to building a strong business. Can’t wait to get started now.” Darren



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