Clean, Green and Family Safe Products

Oven Loving has a range of products that we use to clean your oven, hob, barbeque and so much more. As you would expect from our high standards these are products you can always trust and we are especially proud of the fact we have developed this range within Oven Loving’s sister company, Home Loving. Although we love using them when we’re cleaning your oven, they are general cleaning products which can be used almost everywhere!


You can find out all you need to know about the Home Loving range of products by visiting our sister website.  All products can be ordered online and are delivered to your door. Refills can be purchased online and also from your oven cleaner.


We have sought to create products which echo the ethos of Oven Loving: excellent quality and performance at excellent value. Most importantly, our products are family-friendly. As well as being completely safe to use in your home and near your family and pets, these products are guaranteed vegan and leaping bunny accredited.

We’ve worked hard to ensure they are environmentally friendly, minimise waste, are refillable and bring the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Our ‘Home Heroes’ are:

  • Daily Surface Cleaner, a multi-purpose cleaning hero which brings out the natural shine throughout your house and even on the dashboard of your car;
  • Glass Cleaner, suitable for everyday use, this hero takes handprints, smears, grease and streaks out of the picture;
  • Stainless Steel Polish, a tough-loving hero which leaves a streak-free shine wherever it goes;
  • Cleaning Boost, a cleaning hero that goes where other creams can’t. This one’s effective on any oven or sealed surface.


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Our cleaning services are outstanding for a number of reasons, so why should you choose us for your oven cleaning services?

There are many reasons you should consider making Oven Loving your number one choice for oven cleaning, especially if you are:

Loving appliances that are safe and ready to use

When it comes to oven cleaning at Oven Loving, we only use high quality, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products in your oven.

We ensure that your appliances are safe and ready for use as soon as the cleaning operation is over. All products used for cleaning are safe for you, your family and your pets.

Loving Safety

Our aim is to protect you, your family, your pets, our team and the environment from the effects of the chemicals in ordinary household cleaning products. Our Home Loving cleaning products smell fresh without containing damaging perfumes and which give the best results for your oven, hob, back-splash etc. Our company promotes green living through the use of the non-toxic products, our refill, reuse, recycle promise and our belief that ‘if we all make small changes, big changes happen’.

Loving clean

Our products are not only safe and family-friendly, but they are also highly effective when it to comes to cleaning and removing even the most stubborn baked-on grime.

Loving the environment

Looking after the environment means we use products that are biodegradable and produced in the UK to reduce the carbon footprint of our materials. We keep everything we use as kind and loving as possible to the environment. You can find out more about our work in this area here.

Loving fresh smells

Our products leave your oven smelling fresh and looking brand new. They remove baked-on, greasy aromas and leave your oven ready to use immediately. Who doesn’t want fresh smells in their house? Oven Loving is out to make a difference with our clean, safe and environmentally friendly products and cleaning approach. Making a real difference is what Oven Loving stands for.

At Oven Loving, our aim is to become a household name in oven cleaning, through the use of our quality services and respect for the environment. We also want to respect and protect your personal family environment which is why we only use our own clean, green and family safe products. While some cleaning companies pay little attention to the products they use, we guarantee only quality and toxic-free products because the safety of our clients and their household is our priority. In fact, we felt so strongly about this, we created our own range.

Loving guaranteed results

We are so confident in our services and the quality of the finished clean, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. This not only gives clients the confidence to use our services, it also makes sure our teams continue to clean to the highest possible level. With Oven Loving, you cannot go wrong.

We don’t have the slightest doubt that you will be delighted with our outstanding, professional cleaning services and the finished results. We are confident you will be totally satisfied one we have completed our service to the highest standard.

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