Oven Loving Covid policy updated 8.3.2022

Under the government guidance we are no longer under formal restrictions.

As a company we are going to follow the following procedures, to help maintain the health and wellbeing of customers and crew.


Face Mask

We are going to continue to wear a face mask whilst we are in your home. This is not just for the reasons relating covid 19. Due to wearing these, we have noticed that we are no longer breathing in the debris and carbon deposits within the oven. It also prevents us breathing in any harmful chemical that have previously been used in the cleaning of the oven. We often find white particles that have been left by alternative cleaning products Oven Loving visits the home.

The products that we use are not harmful and this is not the reason for wearing the mask.

If you have covid 19

We are still happy to attend the appointment. We ask that you are following previous guidance, by keeping a distance, wearing a face mask if you would like. Open a window or door to allow ventilation.

We can take payment via bank transfer or send an invoice to reduce touch points.

Please let your crew member know as a courtesy, so we are aware.